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HTML5 Data Visuals

I recently built a library of HTML5 widgets for data visualization in a web application. Some were open source jquery widgets which I customized, and a few I developed from scratch. All are pure javascript/css3. The more I work with HTML5, the more I like it. Browser support is good and getting better, and the ease of development in HTML5 makes it an attractive alternative to Flash for adding interactive sizzle.

A semi-circular, speedometer-style gauge built completely with jquery and css3

javascript + css3 = fast, responsive, dynamic visuals

Click for larger, interactive examples.

A circular, speedometer-style gauge built completely with jquery and css3 A vertical, thermometer-style gauge built completely with jquery and css3 Dynamic pie chart built completely with jquery and css3 Dynamic column chart built completely with jquery and css3

User Interfaces

A web site or application is worthless without a good interface. Graphical user interfaces or "GUIs" are what people see when they visit a site. A good interface will help them successfully navigate and USE a site or application without distracting their attention or hindering their tasks. Navigation and controls should be obvious. My goal as a GUI designer is to create intuitive, efficient interfaces that are both attractive and easy to use.

Interface Samples

For 5 years now I've designed interfaces for Relevance, a software used to monitor network health, to manage network elements and to process system data for analysis.

Interface design sample 1 Interface design sample 2

Church Websites

I enjoy helping churches and other organizations communicate their passions and personalities through interactive websites. The web plays an important role today in helping communities and groups connect and grow. A good site not only provides timely information but also encourages communication and participation.
A modern church website

Modern Websites for Today's Church

Church websites today must be smart and sophisticated, appealing to today's tech-savvy generation. I created this website for my own church, a growing church with a big heart and bold vision.

A modern church website
Legacy Baptist Church

Business Websites

Business websites play a greater role in the marketplace than ever before. Consumers and clients today go to the web first before they head out the door to make a purchase or even call a service. They review businesses online through sites like Yelp or Google Plus, and they read reviews by others. What does this mean for your business? It means you are "on the web" whether you like it or not. The point is to make your online presence strong and positive.

Sample Business websites:
Unlimited Property Services
Collins Management Group

Customers First!

When I build a business website, I try to think like a customer. Does the site rank well on Google searches? Is it easy to navigate? Does it make a good impression and inspire my confidence in the business? Is it easy to "use" (make purchases, for example)? With visibility and usability in mind, I aim to create attractive, interactive sites that give my clients an edge over their competition on the web.

A business website

Graphics & Image-editing

Custom icons, buttons and other interface elements can play an important role in the visual impact of a site or application. Quality graphics and images make a strong statement about the quality of the site itself. In addition to design and development, I can create custom icons and graphics as well as edit images for your site or application.

Eye Candy and More

The icons below are part of a custom set created for a technology firm in Atlanta.

Original icon set